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Endy, Blue American Drum Stallion


Endy was born in our woods in New Jersey, in 2006. Here we are, 3 years later, and we're still deciding on his registered name. Endy stands for Enduring - King's Enduring Dream. Endy is one of the few Blue Drum stallions out of Gypsy Vanner, Lion King; recently deceased in '08. Endy has an arrow on his chest and one blue eye.

Like his mother, Venus, Endy has a beautiful extended trot and likes to jump. At only 1.5 months old, he was clearing over 2 feet. At 18 months, he was jumping 3.5 feet with ease. Endy's jumping is not encouraged by us. He simply believes in going over obstacles rather than around. Endy also is gifted in slipping through electric fencing (when it is turned off). He loves to be in the middle of the fun and will show up uninvited, with a big grin on his face.

Endy had the privilege of having Auntie Dorinda help his mom care for him. Venus was a first time mom and sometimes forgot about him. At mealtime, she'd leave him sleeping in the woods. When we didn't go get him, which made him really mad for being woken up, Auntie Dorinda would go back and get him. When she did that, Dorinda would come up to Venus, nip her on the rump and scold her with all manner of guilt infused phrases.

Once Venus got the hang of being a mom, she and Endy became inseparable. Endy did not wean until he was 20 months old. Today, they are still very good friends.

Endy's big boy attitude and stance can be intimidating. However, he responds very well to kind, but firm directives, as he is very tender hearted. He has always been easy to train.

When we have company, Endy tones down his energy and is very affectionate.


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Joey,  Black and White American Drum Stallion

Joey was born in our 1/2 acre arena paddock in New Jersey, just 2 months after Endy's birth. Ben and Jocelyn helped him come into the world. 

FD's King Josiah, who's name is Hebrew for God has healed. Joey is also a son of the legendary Lion King, who was the most feathered Gypsy Vanner in the world.

Joey is our miracle baby. After much effort to heal his mom, Tess' uterine infection, the vets said she would not carry to full term. Eight days past his due date, out he came - 140 pounds of healthy, happy colt!

Precocious, happy, friendly - describes Joey. Only hours old, he was trying to drink out of the water tank. He loves all kinds of games, including hide-n-seek and dress-up. Because he gets into all manner of situations, he is often credited for things Kelli and Endy have done.

Joey was 23 months old when he weaned.

Kelli, Black and White Pinto Shire Mare

Registered as a Pinto Draft (7/8 shire and 1/8 paint), Kelli Sue is 4 years old and has been with us since she was 9 months old. She came from Wisconsin, ill and malnourished from a massive infestation of parasites inside and out (she looked like she was pregnant with twins). Kelli had an infected mess of warts on her nose and her belly was caked in manure. Poor little filly, she needed so much help, but was terribly afraid of people. We won her over by scratching her itchy neck and body. With Shaklee products, her warts were completely gone in less than 2 months, and with only a couple of Shaklee baths, she was free of all species of lice on her skin.

With touch therapy, lots of farm guests,  and the influence of the herd. Kelli is now, one of our first horses to greet company.

She loves wrestling with the boys and she thinks she's alpha mare.

The day Kelli slipped under the cross tie to get into the food isle, she stole the mineral tub and left everything else untouched. Gayla did not notice the robbery until she found Kelli's route of escape. Having discovered she was trapped in the isle, Kelli methodically opened a pathway between Odella and Dorinda's pens. Gayla found the tub lid and 2 separate piles of minerals, where Kelli had spilled the tub while shoving the pens apart. About 100 feet from the pens, Gayla found the empty tub in a thicket of thorn trees. Apparently, Kelli went inside the thicket, to get away from her nosy family and polish off the remains in the unharmed tub.  

Tess, Black  English Shire Mare

Tess - for Contessa. We re-named her. She'd been called "Coffee" all of her life. In our opinion, this was too undignified for such a lovely horse. Tess' double registry name is White Oak Expresso (yes, this is really how they spelled her name!) and she is 17.2 hands tall.  We found her at a driving competition barn in New Jersey. Tess is Joey's mom. She is trained in dressage and is a professional carriage horse. Tess came to us underweight due to a chronic uterine infection. This was cleared up with EFT. Now she's fat and healthy.

Tess is a kind, patient and compassionate mare.

Venus, Gray English Shire Mare

Venus is in foal to Joey, for spring of 2009.  

17 hand, Fox Valley Venus is Endy's mom (she is double registered). We found her in Kentucky. She thinks she's a jumper. She's jumped fences, climbed round pen panels, and jumped the chest bar in the trailer with her head tied. Venus has a gorgeous extended trot and a sweet nature.  

Rick, Black Percheron Gelding

Limerick Farm's Cousteau's Image, Rick is our herd leader who keeps the peace. He is respected and loved by all of our horses. Rick was born at the show breeding Limerick Farm, in Ontario, Canada. We found him dearly loved and pampered here, in New York. Rick is 17.3 hands and weighs around 2000 pounds. Because of his size, he is also one of our most popular pony ride horses. He loves little babies, toddlers, and dogs. 

Rick is credited for teaching Gayla a portion of her Serenity Restoration Healing methods.

Dorinda, Sorrel with Flaxen Mane Belgian Mare

Dorinda, born in a PMU factory in Manitoba, Canada, where, for 7 months of each pregnancy (possibly 15 foals), she stood in a straight stall like an automaton. She was 17 years old when she left the factory and severely underweight. We found her at an equine rescue near Erie, PA in a herd of over 20 mares. She is 24 years old, amazingly healthy and loves to take care of the foals. We sometimes call her, Auntie Dorinda. Dorinda has 1 and a 1/4 blue eyes and a brand on her right hip.

Extremely tolerant, Dorinda practically encourages Endy's nipping on her hocks (hind legs). Endy loves pestering Dorinda.

Alex has come along and taken Endy's place at pestering Dorinda. What is it with these boys and this wonderful mare?! She is so completely tollerant of their attentions.