Serenity Equestrian Center

Home of Feathered Dream Drum Horses

Gorgeous fall morning with Feathered Dream Drum Horses at Serenity Equestrian Center

Drum filly Amy (dam Tess, sire Endy) is only 30 hrs old here. Serenity Equestrian Center's herd is the only one of it's kind in the world - with 3 stallions living in peaceful harmony w/mares and foals AND each other. The stallions ejected the geldings from the herd in '10, but continue to play w/each other w/out injury (so far so good). 6yo Drum stallions Endy (dam shire Venus) and Joe (dam shire Tess) are by the famous Gypsy Vanner Lion King ( Alex (dam Tess) is by Endy and will be 2yo Jan '12. Corrections to Gayla's dialogue: Tia is 8 mo (dam shire Kelli), Tino is 6 mo (dam shire Venus), and Venus is gray (not colored). More videos and photos: and Serenity EC specializes in Riding at Liberty (tackless riding) and offers FREE "Communing with Horses" adventure tours for veterans and their families.

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