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What is an American Drum Horse?

In short, an American Drum horse is combination of a Gypsy Horse, Shire, and/or Clydesdale. 

Both Endy and Joe are proven drum stallions

Endy's 1st colt was born out of Tess, December 18, 2008. Joe's 1st filly was born out of Odella, January 21, 2009. See them both in the photo gallery. 

Feathered Dream Drum Horses

Our drum stallions are rare. Both Endy and Joey are two of the few Drum stallions by the legendary, Gypsy Vanner, Lion King, known as the world's most feathered Gypsy during his short lifetime. LK was owned by Black Forest Shires. Endy is one of only two BLUE Drum stallions by Lion King. Joey is black and white. Their mothers are both registered shires.

Both stallions are 2 years old and 16 hands as of October 2008. They both have wonderful, quiet, personable temperaments. Since birth, they have eagerly participated in our veterans program. (See our photo albums.) Their attention span and play drive are far greater than what is typically associated with young horses.

Endy and Joey were born on our farm in NJ. Their early days were filled with fun. They spent hours playing and wrestling in the horse trailer and running through the woods.

Endy has a gorgeous natural extended trot, like his dam, Venus. Joey has his dam Tess', smooth hitchy trot. Both are light on their feet and very athletic. They enjoy jumping, for the fun of it.

Also thanks to Black Forest Shires - here's a fantastic page on the Queen of England's Drum horses  (scroll to the bottom).

For a detailed description visit the American Drum Horse Association.