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Team Serenity

When Belinda and Fred told us they were moving, we were very sad. When we heard 3 teenagers were moving in, we were a bit concerned. Not all kids are alike. We happened to get the 3 best kids from the area! Wyldon (16 yo), Wyatt (13 yo), Althea (10 yo), and their mom, Angenetta (a former farm girl!) are a dream come true.

Like ducks to water, they instantly adapted to our horses with successful communication and leadership skills. Of course, this is apple season, so they are also enjoying feeding the herd dozens of apples. (We've got over 30 apple trees spread over 5 different groves.)

The following photos were taken September 15, 2010. We found the herd napping in the upper apple grove of paddock 2 (a 10+ acre paddock of pasture, rolling hills, springs, creek, and scattered forest).

Wyatt's 1st ride on a horse - with 17.2 hand Tess - on his 13th birthday!


Althea on Rick (17.3h) and Wyatt on Tess - just puttering around having fun.

Tess enjoying scratching from Angenetta and Althea, while Wyldon enjoys "supervising". After only a few visits, Wyldon demonstrated his natural gift for communication when he quietly and confidently stood up to Venus and told her to leave Alex's stall. 


Rick enjoying a gentle touch from Wyatt, while hoping for another apple. Wyatt spent a considerable amount of time up in a delicious tree, tossing down apples to Venus, Dorinda, and Drum Stallion, Joey.


At only 8 mos old, Alex is already fading and looking a lot like his sire, Drum Stallion, Endy, and he's got his dam's (Tess's) height. This is Alex with Angenetta and Althea. Althea enjoyed leading Alex around through the grove. As long as she had an apple in her hand, he was happy to tag along.